Term 4 Numeracy

This term, we have been doing our Probes. This is to help us learn our basic facts. Everyday, we try to go faster and get more right. It is lots of fun!

Music Man

We have been learning about music. We have been learning about different instruments, how to play them and the different groups of instruments such as percussion and brass. We have also been learning about beat. Here is a video of us, showing you our skills, to the song 'I am the music man'. We also performed this in our assembly

Term 4 Discovery

We have been working on the Key Compentency of Relating to Others. We have been learning to share our equipment and use kind words with others.

Term 3 Writing

We have been working very hard on our writing in term 3. We have been learning to use our fast words. These are words we have been learning to spell as we use them quite often.

Term 3 Strand Maths

We have been learning about measurement. Here I am measuring my Teddy Bear using blocks. We also looked at rulers for measuring things as well as hands and feet.

Writing term 4

I am learning to use fast words and to sound out words I don't know. Here is my jubilee writing. I wrote about what I would be doing in 50 years at the 100th jubilee of Oaklands School.

Drama Term 1

We are learning to retell a story using using drama techniques.

Term 3 Skipping

We worked hard learning to skip. It was really hard to keep the rope going. I learnt to skip and run at the same time!

Term 3 Cricket

We had fun learning to throw and catch a cricket ball. I love playing cricket

Term 3 Buddy Reading

I love to read with my buddy, Abby. I read to her and then she asks me questions about the book. Sometimes she reads me a library book.

Term 3 Gymnastics

We were learning how to do different types of rolls and to do a routine to show others about the skills we had learnt. It was lots of fun!

Term 2 Writing

This is a piece of writing that I am particularly proud of. I know I was successful because I can leave spaces between my words.


We Are Learning To: write  addition and subtraction number sentences up to 10.

Term 2 Reading

We Are Learning To: Retell a story in the correct sequence and answer questions about the text.

Term 1 Writing

We Are Learning To: draw a picture plan to show our ideas before we begin to write them down.

CARE Values

We have been learning about friends and relationships with others. We were using the Community value.


   We had fun doing activities about the Key Competency, Using Symbol,Text and Language.

Visual art

WALT use different painting techniques to paint a picture of a kiwi.

We will know we can do this when:
·      We can mix colours;
·      Use different colours to emphasise specific details;
·      Use different brush stroke techniques to create different effects;
·      We can paint a background